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Customized Dental Care

Westerville Smiles wants your teeth to stay healthy for life! We provide an extensive menu of dental services in the Westerville, OH and surrounding areas for you and your family while never forgetting the importance of providing compassionate, patient-centered care. We understand the connection of oral health and the health of the body and will develop treatment plans to address each family member’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Routine Dental Exams

We have a caring team of dental professionals who are committed to providing a rewarding routine visit for each member of your family every 6 months. Our family dental practice maintains the importance of preventative dental care. Westerville Smiles proudly provides a comprehensive dental exam using the best that modern dentistry has to offer. These visits include a comfortable, thorough cleaning of your teeth and a gentle checkup of your entire mouth with complete consultation. Our office is equipped with state of the art technology to aid in early detection of cavities, abnormalities, tooth impaction, gum disease etc. To ensure your safety, we take digital low radiation x-rays.

Anxiety Free Visits

We work hard to give our patients a pleasant experience in our office. Our friendly staff, comfortable office, and virtually pain free treatments help provide a relaxing environment.

General Dentistry

We want to make sure your teeth stay healthy for life! We provide complete dental care that will maintain or restore the health of your smile for all ages. Our dental procedures include:

Cleaning & Checkups



Gum Disease Treatment

Root Canals


Night Guards & Mouth Guards

Chipped Tooth Repair



Partial & Dentures

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