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Emergency Dentistry

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Emergencies happen, and most people will have a dental emergency sooner or later. Westerville emergency dentist is here to make sure that any urgent problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. Whether a patient in Westerville, Columbus or any surrounding areas has throbbing tooth pain, their child chipped a tooth playing outside or an implant needs to be adjusted right away, they are here to help.

Both long-term and first-time patients are welcome to see the emergency dentist at Westerville Smiles to have their pain or discomfort eased. If a patient has throbbing tooth pain, swelling, wisdom tooth pain, denture, crown or needs emergency cosmetic repair, contact Westerville Smiles to fix the problem right away.

We also take the time to educate you about your options so you make the most informed decisions regarding your oral health. In many cases treating dental emergencies quickly and effectively is the only way to prevent permanent damage which can end up requiring more invasive and expensive procedures later on.

Some immediate actions for a toothache:

  • Thoroughly rinse your mouth with water
  • Use dental floss to remove any particles that may be lodged between your teeth
  • Apply a cold compress to the outside of the cheek where there is pain

For a knocked-out tooth:

  • Retrieve the tooth, holding it by the crown (the part that’s exposed in the mouth) rinse the tooth off under running water if it is dirty.
  • Don’t scrub it or remove any tissue that may be attached.
  • Try to put the tooth back in place, making sure it’s facing the right way.
  • Don’t force it, if that’s not possible put it in a container with milk or one with water and a bit of salt if milk it’s available.

For a chipped or broken tooth:

  • Save any pieces you can
  • Rinse with water, rinse out any broken pieces
  • If there is bleeding, apply gauze to the affected area until bleeding stops
  • Apply a cold compress to the outside of the cheek near the injury

For a lost filling:

Temporarily stick a piece of sugarless gum into the cavity or use over the counter dental cement.

For more information about our emergency dental services, give us a call at (614) 899-9200, or fill out the form below.